Industry Leading Security

Our competitors try and avoid detection by creating unique builds or using well known anti-detection methods that just simply don’t work in the long run.  We’re different, our kernel-driver is leading the industry and hides our CS:GO cheats at the deepest levels of the Windows kernel.  We don’t avoid or delay detection, we stop it in its tracks.

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Humanized Aimbot

We provide a top of the line, highly customizable humanized external aimbot for our CS:GO cheats that when configured correctly can appear so legit that neither you or anybody watching you play will ever be able to tell you’re cheating, the days of Overwatch and league demo bans are over when you choose LEAGUEMODE for your CS:GO cheats.

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Live Streaming

Our cheats are fully external, using external Direct3D overlays we are able to hide our CS:GO cheats ESP features from all known live streaming software allowing you to play with all our features fully active without the fear of anybody having any idea that you’re using any cheat.  Get LEAGUEMODE today and get partnered tomorrow.

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Unique Builds

Our automated back-end will generate you unique builds for our CS:GO cheats on thirty minute intervals, ensuring that they are constantly mutating and modifying itself so that you stay safe and secure.  While other providers charge extra for this type of feature, you get LEAGUEMODE’s industry leading kernel-mode security and a unique build without paying extra.

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  • I highly recommended LM. Once you use it, you will find that you can't live without it! LM is the best!
  • Best hack i had so far 10/10
  • Honestly this cheat is amazing and the staff makes it even better. They prioritize security and thats what I would want. I rather not have the cheat for a couple of days then be VAC banned. Will add more as I keep on using it.
  • Big win here for LM. Been a member of other pay to cheat sites when trying them out. Tristan is mature, professional and so long as you're not an immature douchebag your fine here. No toxicity in the forums at all can be seen. people are dealt with swiftly and fairly. As a mature gamer who isn't in the mood for prepubescent angst this place is really shines.
  • Makes my head spin how well this MLG product allows me to 720 yoloscope scrubs while eating my Doritos and drinking my Mtn. Dew.
  • You get what you pay for guys. LM won't disappoint you! ( using LM for 3 months now still no bans). My thanks to you LT and your team!